Need Certified "Front of the House" Event Staff?

Looking for a Professional Bartender or Waitstaff?

Want "The COMPLETE BARTENDER" at your event?

Bar Time Bartending believes that you should enjoy your parties, not work them. So let us do some of that work for you, while you impress your guests. We can provide certified Bartenders and Waitstaff for your event. In addition, our certified bartenders are insured.

Call us TODAY at (978) 338-5577 and put us to work for you.

Professional Event Staff

If you are in search of a well-trained and certified bartender or wait staff for an upcoming event, don't go through the trouble or expense of placing a well-intentioned ad. In fact, there's no need to produce a series of interview questions or take the time required to review the references of an endless stream of applicants. Bar Time Bartending can manage that for you through our Staffing Placement Program.

Our candidates are already vetted! They are professional! They are ServSafe and IceSafe certified! They are insured through Bar Time Bartending School, AND THEY'LL MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD!! Our staff will assist you in building more loyal One-on-One connections with your guests! That's a huge Return on Relationships, your ROR!

Whether you want: Permanent, Temporary, Part Time, Full Time or Special Events staff, we can help. Call today, (978) 338-5577 or email us at for your free consultation and put us to work for you.

Here is a sampling of what our Bartenders and Waitstaff offer your event effort:
  • Bar Orientation | Bar Utensils
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Setting up & Closing Down
  • Glassware
  • Liquor Knowledge
  • Pouring Techniques
  • Basic & Combination Drinks
  • The "Art of the Shake" and other Mixing Techniques
  • Shots
  • Cutting & Placement of Garnishes
  • Blended Drinks
  • Layered Drinks
  • Beer Knowledge
  • Wine Knowledge
  • Customer Service
  • Bar Management
  • How to become a Good Listener

MOREOVER, we will help you add "Class to the Glass" *

In addition to teaching the art of Mixology and alcohol awareness training, Bar Time.s program also shares basic bar management, which includes inventory controls, profit margins, product ordering and much more. (We also consult on this component of our offering; more details here.)
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