"Today's Bartender is Tomorrow's Star Mixologist"

Bar Time Mixologist

"Not long ago, bartending was, for some, one of the classic dead-end jobs, the choice of wannabe actors and the terminally unambitious. The only way up the drink-slinging ladder was to own a bar. But with the cocktail renaissance, today's star Mixologist is tomorrow's brand representative, hawking various products for liquor conglomerates, or tomorrow's cocktail consultant, setting up drink programs for new taverns and restaurants." - http://www.nytimes.com/ 8/2010

In as little as one week-35 hours, you could become a certified bartender.

Bartender Pour We offer three course options to accommodate your busy life: 1 week (days), 2 weeks (nights) and 6 weeks (Saturdays). Click here for more course details.

Our Bar Time Bartending School instructors bring with them a combined 40+ years of experience in everything from Mixology to bar ownership. Bar Time's instructors are an unparalleled team of `been there; done that'. A team that takes pride in bartending `Best Practices' and compliance in the art of their effort. Learn how NOW.

The course will cover:
  • Bar Orientation | Bar Utensils
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Setting up & Closing Down
  • Glassware
  • Liquor Knowledge
  • Pouring Techniques
  • Basic & Combination Drinks
  • The `Art of the Shake' and other Mixing Techniques
  • Shots
  • Cutting & Placement of Garnishes
  • Blended Drinks
  • Layered Drinks
  • Beer Knowledge
  • Wine Knowledge
  • Customer Service
  • Bar Management
  • How to become a Good Listener
All done onsite in a `Bar' environment.

You will also receive:
(Now required by the hospitality industry and properties that serve food)
    ServSafe Certification
  • IceSafe Certification for bartenders who will be serving food
MOREOVER, you will be able to add "Class to the Glass"

In addition to teaching the art of Mixology and alcohol awareness training, Bar Time's program also shares basic bar management, which includes inventory controls, profit margins, product ordering and much more. (We also consult on this component of our offering; more details here.)

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NOTE, as a licensed educator through the Office of Private Occupational School Education Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, Bar Time also offers post-graduation placement services. Contact Lindsey for more detail: bartimebartending@gmail.com

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